presque vu


The Sandman Universe inception issue was among the best things I read last year. As an ardent fan of the original Sandman series, I was fully, fully on-board with the concept. And while I thought introductory issues for the series that make up this universe were fine and suitably baroque, Si Spurrier and company’s The Dreaming is the only one I’ve bothered to keep up with.

It was was probably around its third issue when I made a note in one of my notebooks to the effect of “this is shaping up to be the best Sandman story since The Sandman.” And the latest issue — number seven — cements my opinion. It’s a simple episode, on the surface, concentrating only on a handful of characters, most of whom are not even regulars at this point — and the story is told, almost entirely through, monologue.*

And it is one of the most gripping things that I’ve read in a comic in a long, long while. Mostly all done through dialogue, and, honestly, what is more Sandman than that?

It feels nice, having a story like this back in my life.

Screenshot_2019-03-07-00-17-25 (1).png

* It helps that said monologue is delivered by a beloved (by me anyway) character who we have not seen in nearly twenty five years. Reader — I screamed.

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